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Druid Beard Oil


Has anyone ever told you that your beard looks like steel wool or feels like a metal brush? Treat your beard! Whether you want to grow a healthier, fuller thicker beard or just maintain, you need to hydrate your beard. Soften and moisturize while eliminating the itch.

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Lady Failte’s Apothecary Druid Beard Oil

4oz Dropper Bottle

Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Fir Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil

My Druid Beard Oil is blended with fir, pine, and vetiver and is designed to relax and soften your druid’s beard, condition the skin to alleviate itch and dandruff, and to maintain a healthy shine. I recommend my Druid beard oil to deep condition the beard, and give it a more defined shape and a fuller appearance.

Weight 1 oz


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