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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Every Monday morning on my YouTube channel I go Live to discuss the Astrological energies for the week. It is a quick overview (cliff notes) of astrology, lunar, solar, retrogrades, etc. Get insights on what the upcoming week will be like! Find out how the planet’s alignment will effect you and your outlook on life. Head over to my YouTube Channel, Subscribe and ring the bell to get notifications as times may change.

New Moon and Full Moon: I also go Live, again on my YouTube channel, during each New Moon and Full Moon. In these Live videos I go over a little more in-depth the Astrology around the Lunar Events. These videos may also include a craft to do, Altar/Shrine suggestions, Crystals, Herbs and/or Essential Oils to work with, or other miscellaneous information. You never really know what I may talk about!

You can find all of my videos on my YouTube Channel. Click the YouTube Icon that is at the top or bottom of the page or the link below. Also, check my Facebook page for local, in person events.

Lady Failte’s Apothecary